Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wires, Driveway and a Mysterious Hole

Arches.  I love the arches.
Scaffolding came down from the northeast tower roof, making the finial stand out.
John Hall took this photo of the base of the southeast finial.  All four finials are grounded, just as Moroni is.
Notice the new trim around the steeple base.  This is easy to watch from the construction cam.
Grout from the surrounding brick has smudged the cover over the Holiness to the Lord stone in the east gable.  That's why there's a cover.
I couldn't help noticing that the courthouse grounds are in full bloom right now.
Maybe next summer the temple grounds will be blooming.  Our mayor recently speculated about the new temple's completion date.
Geofoam supporting the north planters is covered with black fabric.  Dirt is next.
John Bollwinkel sent me this photo of geofoam being used in the new exit at Brigham City.  I hope this doesn't make me paranoid.
Posts for gates now stand at three of the four cardinal points of the center planter in the north lot.
I managed to put in three arrows to help you see these.  The arrow on the left marks the east posts.  The arrow in the center marks the west posts.  The arrow on the right marks the north posts.  The temple is on the south where there are no posts.  The gates are part of a decorative fence which will separate the temple from the northern part of the grounds.
I haven't taken many pictures of the north lot because for the last two years it's been covered with trailers for workmen.  Mr. Dashing Track Hoe has recently been cleaning it off.
This dirt is pretty rocky, making me think it's from the lot, not brought in.
I spied two men carrying wood and wondered where they were going.
All of a sudden, they disappeared from view into this new hole in the ground, which explains the dirt piles.  Notice a workman on the left, deep in the hole.  Plans show another round planter in this area.
I walked over to the west side to get some pictures, but I was distracted for a minute by beautiful cone flowers.
I did manage to get my camera lens through the fence and peek at the west side.  Notice the electrical boxes on the left.
They seem to have their own base, indicating this is their permanent spot.
A few weeks ago I tried to learn about the conduit which we could see from the cam.  Obviously, it runs from those boxes.
The planters on this side are receiving quite a bit of attention.  Monday the concrete pump paid a visit to help them along. 
I also spied another completed niche.  This makes eight.
Two concrete pumps poured more of the roof deck early yesterday morning.
They are running out of room at this end.
By now we know how it will go: The rest of the pillars will be formed and poured. Then we can watch the roof deck cover it all up.
With driveway forms standing, we can see how large the entrance from Second South will be.
I'll need a nice gentle slope, and it looks like that's what they are building.
I'm pretty sure this will all be finished before I start my drive down.
The pavilion has a new floor.
It's hard to zoom in on something parallel to the eye, but you are seeing new decking.
It's easier to see from the cam
The fountain between the pavilion and the temple is growing taller.  I suspect that being thirteen feet will make the ladder feel insecure.
Masons continued to work on the brick above the south entrance.
A little extra repair work is needed here.
The other side, on the north, will not have a public entrance, but instead will have a chapel.  There will be an emergency exit.
Masons are still repairing brick on this side.
Temple work takes on a whole new meaning when we follow construction.


Brian said...

The North Gable Will have a door! It will be an emergency exit at the back of the Chapel. I find it interesting that with the exception of the emergency exit on the west endo f the Tabernacle, which is now a window, all the doors on the Tabernacle are still doors on the temple. The south one will be one of the main entrances. The west one will be an emergency exit for a little room that sits between the two Initial Endowment rooms, the north one will be an emergency exit for the Chapel, and the tower doors will all be emergency exits for the Stairwells.

Brian said...

Edit to my previous comment: The north doors will be behind the pulpit of the chapel, as emergency exits, not at the back of the chapel!

Julie said...

Thank you for this timely information. I'm going to edit this post to reflect that. Yes, we all need to be safe, but heaven forbid we need to use those exits!

Jacob Wood said...

700,000 people for the Ogden Temple Open House? Wow. And agreeing with Mayor Curtis, if Ogden sees those kind of numbers would it be out of the question to estimate Provo visitors approaching 1,000,000? Can you imagine!? I'm just thinking of the amount of visitors the construction site sees daily, the level of interest this temple is always getting, the uniqueness of the temple, etc.

Julie said...

I agree. I suspect planning the details for the PCCT open house is already on someone's mind.

Brian said...

I was talking about that with someone last night. Bountiful holds the record for open house visitors at over 800,000. I think Payson will be similar to Ogden (As was Mount Timpanogos.) But Provo has a huge historical interest, plus the huge engineering interest, plus the new temple interest! I'm not going to hazard a guess, but I will not be surprised if it has more visitors than Bountiful!

Julie said...

I'm very comfortable agreeing with Brian.

NiHao said...

I sure hope those electrical units are placed elsewhere. I can't believe two such unsightly objects would be permanently placed where they are pictured. Here's hoping...

David said...

How many visitors did the Nauvoo Temple have?

Julie said...

According to, there were 330,000 visitors. It's a little harder to get to than Ogden, though.