Friday, August 22, 2014

Losing Count

Easily visible in the morning's sunlight, the new stone on the east side is stunning.
Since the courthouse steps are now gone, I took this picture from the bus stop across the street.
Arches are a theme throughout the new temple.  This arch under the north gable was finished months ago.
Below are these three arches, with Victorian arches throughout the interior.
The template used to create the north brick arch is now at the south gable, a good sign.
The west gable arch survived the fire, but the three arched-windows below it are new, as are the three lower windows for the president's office.  In addition to the arches on the gable wall, you are looking at  four complete niches on the towers.
Workmen were in the process of placing the quartzitic limestone in this niche in the southeast tower.
This upper niche in the southwest tower was just completed.  This makes fourteen.
Two niches remain:  This niche below the just-finished niche...
And this niche on the south face of the southeast tower.
High above, roofers finish slate at the top of the south gable.
Men worked at the top of the north gable, too.  I tried to learn about the sheeting around the steeple base, but my efforts were in vain.  Fortunately, we can see this from the construction cam.
Metal decking now covers the steel beams of the pavilion.  The octagonal shape of the pavilion will mirror the octagonal shape of the ceiling of the celestial room.
I found this picture from a post on January 20th.  The beams which will support the art glass above the celestial room form an octagon.
Of course we know that the base of all five tower roofs are octagons.
Decking for the garage roof continues to spread.
The windows in the south driveway wall are actually openings for the beams of the garage roof.
The concrete pump poured another section of the wall along Second South this morning.
The pump recognized the forms around the south fountain as an invitation to return soon.
Provo currently has its own Stonehenge in the west lot.
Geofoam is multiplying and replenishing at a rate which would impress a rabbit.
I stood at an open gate where the work can easily be watched.
Rebar for the wall around the mechanical building stops the geofoam's progress.
Trucks and machines crawled all over the north lot this morning.
The new planter is now getting forms around its rebar.  Interestingly, this is the first planter which has been dug in the dirt.  All the rest have been built on top of years of work.
Technically, the new trim on the northeast tower is going up on top of a century and a half of work.
My camera is learning where to aim to capture pictures of the watercourse on the north side.
Notice the two steel supports holding the sandstone to the northwest tower.
The watercourse now covers the base of the west side, too.
Next year petunias will be multiplying across the lots.
Or other flowers.  It's all good.


Esperanza said...

Thank you for all the work you do on this blog. You have given years of commitment to this. It is greatly appreciated.

Brian said...

Is that Stonehenge or Foamhenge on the west lot? Also, The inscription appears to be gilt already! I thought that was one of the last things they would do, but when you are putting the whole stone in at once, why wait?

A Fantastic set of photos, as always!

Julie said...

Foamhenge. Yes, for sure! I agree -- the inscription seems to to have gold lettering.