Monday, August 11, 2014

Planters, Niches and Other Details

David Dorff captured this beautiful picture last week and I am happy to share it with you.  You are seeing a reflection of the north face of the temple.
This is the actual view of the north face.  The lot is being churned.
The culprit, to no one's surprise, is Mr. Dashing Track Hoe.
Two planters are being prepared for this lot.  We've been watching preparations for the large planter since April.  The other, surrounded with green rebar, appeared last week.
The large planter, closer to the temple, will be inside a wrought iron fence.
Yuki Dorff took this picture for us from the Nu Skin building to help us better understand the new planter.  I added the arrow.
An urn will rest on the rise in center of the larger planter.  A statue will be featured in the center of the smaller planter.
Joe Prows drove by the temple late this morning and captured a photo of a niche delivery for the northeast tower.
By the time I arrived, just after lunch, masons were installing it.
Not far away, masons have been busy on the east gable.
I could not get to my favorite perch on the courthouse steps because of some construction there, so I stepped back a bit from the grass to capture the east side.  Joe told me the trim for the northeast tower had been delivered.
The trim is standing vertically, but it will go up horizontally.
My camera zoomed in so you could see  the trim moulding a little better.
The trim will go just below the roof, above the brick.
Work continues on the steeple base, but its trim will be a little different.
With the entire temple surrounded by scaffolding, it's tricky to see exactly what's going on.
The slate on the roof is nearing completion, but that's obvious.
I'm relieved to see the repair above the south entrance progress.  This area is very difficult for onlookers to see at the site, so I am glad my camera can help us out.
Forms for concrete surround the fountain south of the temple.  The ladders insist on helping even though this will outshine them.
The roof deck moves south, slowly but surely.
Someday when we are parking down below, can we remember what it looks like today?
Pillars are rapidly sprouting, as are forms for the driveway.
A lot of work is happening on the west side.
My camera spied a scissor lift in the west sealing room.  Don't ask me how it got there.
Forms are growing tall for the west planters, too.
Yuki Dorff has an excellent vantage point.
Actually, any spot is a good vantage point.
Perspective is everything.

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