Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon, With Helpers

This is what progress looks like.
We've all noticed work in the pavilion from the construction cam.
Pretty soon forms will block our view.
I will confess it was a hot afternoon at the site, in the 90s.
I don't mind the heat, but some of the people with me did.
The big people were very curious about the brick, but we spent more time talking than taking pictures.
I intended to study the stairwells....
But distractions were omnipresent.
I wanted to take advantage of the sun's angle to get some good pictures of the west side.
Fortunately, I had a good helper.  He's been to the site before, but it's been over a year and a lot has changed.
We were interested in the gables.
We talked about the six new windows on this side.
The three at ground level mark the temple president's office.
These three will be part of a large sealing room.
My second cameraman took this nice picture of the gable arch and the kicktail curve of the roof.
I mentioned it was hot.  The little ones were tired, so we took the stairs to the underground garage.
The supports have been removed since the last time I was down.  On the right we are seeing the wall of the anterior room of the pavilion.
Here we are seeing a very bored child leaving.
Back on the surface, we looked at the mechanical building on the left.
We took another break from the heat in the Nu Skin building.  My grandson took a picture of their new fountain.
I was happy to be able to see through the windows from the north side and see arches!  Charles Eastlake, who liked arches and Gothic architecture, would be very pleased.
Our second cameraman captured this lovely picture of the north gable brick and an opening on the steeping base, which we couldn't see any better than this.
From the cam we can see the planters on the north and west lots progressing.  There are two links to drawings of these areas, one here, and another here.
Getting to the east side today was simply not possible, and while you might be disappointed, I'm sure you understand.  However, taking pictures of the styrofoam is difficult at ground level from any angle.  A reader has taught me that I should use the correct term of geofoam.  
Brian Olson observed that the geofoam is being positioned at different levels.  This is easier to see with some shadows, so I am showing you a cam photo from early this morning.  The geofoam will be under paving stones and sidewalks.  Other areas are for plants and trees.
I checked on our niches.  I could still only see three.
The southeast tower roof has the grooves for ice-melt tubing.
The southwest tower roof has copper.
Of course I was happy to see slate on the roof,
And thrilled to see brick going up on the south gable.
I suspect my next few visits to the site will be with grandchildren.  Next time we'll walk along the east side.
That is, when we aren't out on other adventures.

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