Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One, Two, Three and a Surprise

Three, in order from southwest, northwest and northeast.
The southeast tower has slate all the way to the top, with the base of its finial in place.
As I walked along the east side, my camera could definitely see something new in the gable.
I crossed University but stopped to take a picture from the courthouse sidewalk.
I ran up the steps to my new favorite spot.  Definitely something is there.
And my camera zoomed in.  I have no explanation, but I do feel properly greeted.
Have I mentioned that I love all the arches?
Fortunately, there are a lot.
I checked on my other favorite things, such as the mechanical building, which now is covered with brick.
The pavilion roof tried to imitate the shape of the clouds resting on the mountains.  It actually rained today.
The south lot is now completely covered with concrete.
Walls are up all the way to the south end.
This is where we were one year ago.
Where will we be next year?


Sally said...


Brian said...

If that "Hi" wasn't there just for photographers like you, I'll eat my hat. If I had a hat. Which I don't.

Actually, as this is the only blog I have found that gives PCCT updates, the "Hi" was probably intended for you!

Julie said...

Only people in the Courthouse building can see that sign. I thought it was quite funny, myself, and even said hi back.

Jacob Wood said...

Whenever I read "Holiness to the Lord. The House of the Lord." I'll always think of the hidden message "HI" underneath.

Julie said...

Perhaps they are both greetings. I'm not sure that the Hi isn't on top. My camera does not gather as much information on a cloudy day as it does on a sunny one. I'll get back soon for another look.