Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Love To See The Temple

I arrived at the site tonight after the workers had left.  Peaceful was the going word.
I didn't anticipate that watching the form construction for the planters on the west side would be so interesting.  This is easy to watch from the construction cam and things change daily.
While on the west side, I spied an open doorway at the base of the southwest tower and zoomed in.
When I got home, I saw stairs!  These are just like the stairs in the northeast my grandson Will saw on Saturday.
I like this view, although you can't see cars backed up behind me along Center Street waiting for the light.
I love the arches.  I love the brick.
The gate was open and there were no trucks, so I was comfortable studying the north planter.
There is more going on here than just geofoam.  I could see pipes.  Brian Olson has been telling me what I've been missing while I'm been underwater with grandchildren the past few weeks.  This area is being carefully sculpted to support beautiful gardens.
This view from the cam shows deep areas in the two trapezoid shapes where the plans call for trees.  You are probably wondering about the interesting design in the circle.
This is bigger than it looks from the cam and a large planter-vase will go here, designed to mimic the fountain on the south side.
I looked in the doorway at the base of the northeast tower, trying to find the stairs.  I could only see the jail bars I've seen before.
I changed my location and reached my camera over the fence and finally saw the stairs.
This suddenly all makes sense.  The instruction rooms are on the ground floor on the east side.  Patrons will leave these rooms and travel up the stairs to the second level.
While my camera saw Mr. Ladder at the second level, we won't have to worry about climbing.  Please remember that once we get to the second level, we will be where we want to be and won't need to go any higher, unless we want to study the chandelier.
Right now I'm still intrigued with the new niches.
The third niche on the northeast tower has been completed, although the surrounding brick isn't finished.
There would be a lot to see on the east side if there wasn't so much scaffolding.  I was happy to see the sandstone belt course complete above the former east doorway.
I realized there was nothing blocking this opening, so I tried to peek inside.
My camera flattens out any perspective, but this is what I got.  Maybe with some morning light, we'll be able to see more another time.
The view into southeast tower doorway is blocked, but brick work is ongoing on the tower.
Actually, intricate work is going on everywhere.
There is still a lot to do.
I'm not in a hurry.
I completely missed the elevator shaft pour inside the pavilion.
Forms have already been removed from the south and west walls.
When the pavilion is finished, those concrete walls will be at ground level surrounded by geoform.  Yes, you remembered that.
Work is going on in the underground rooms below the pavilion.
The driveway at the south end keeps catching my attention.  We'll be able to see this pour from the cam.
The slate looks complete on the southwest tower roof.  Three down, one to go.  You are noticing the opening on the steeple base.
If you let your eyes adjust, you will see a ladder leading into the steeple.
The brick on the mechanical building mushroomed.
It's beautiful, but not yet complete.
I took a picture of the last two niches on the northwest tower.  I looked hard but didn't see any more than these five.
This Sunday the Provo South Stake will host a fireside about the construction of the new temple. The building is at 835 S 500 West.  A member of the South Stake has confirmed the time to be 6:30.  On the 24th, you can join several thousand happy people who are going to walk or run 5 kilometers from the Provo Temple to the Provo City Center Temple.  Information about that is here.


The Cannon Family said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to take picture for us. Those jail bars you see are actually metal studs. They use them a lot in shopping malls and the like. they work just the same as the wooden ones used in houses, except they don't burn. I think that's a good thing here.

Julie said...
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Julie said...

A member of the South Stake has emailed me to say the fireside is at 6:30. That's when I'll be there.