Friday, January 10, 2014

Walk Around The Block On A Cloudy January Day

I was surprised to arrive at the site today and see Mr. Crane holding the northeast tower roof in place.
I had actually gone to get a better look at the scaffolding.  The vertical workmen were lifting poles up to the highest man, almost choreographed.
I couldn't tell if this tower roof is being measured, or if this is its final trip up.  I listened for welding, but I couldn't hear anything.
I did see a ladder helping out.  He was shaking, but not from the cold.  Someone was going up and down.
If this tower roof isn't there permanently this time, it will go back up soon.
Workmen were shoveling snow from the new concrete on the south side, perhaps so this area can be used for storage.  Notice the big bubble in the west lot.
It's bigger than it looks.
If you watch the construction cam, perhaps you have noticed workmen there at night.
I peeked in this morning from the side along the post office lot.  What you can't tell from this picture is that deliciously warm air is seeping through the gap.
The hot air is coming from several heat guns.  Workmen were building supports to hold the tarp up, but the heat was lifting its share of the load, for sure.
The bubble covers the driveway area leading from the west underground entrance to the south lot.
Concrete has been poured around the emergency stairwell and the forms were being removed.
I don't know how much more work needs to go into this roof for the underground parking garage, but the tension cables haven't been placed yet.
The new crane on the right, plus the other two cranes, stayed busy this morning.
Two roofs are being worked on.  The roof of the tabernacle has men on it, and the roof of the underground parking garage and the mechanical shop, at the lower right, is spreading east.
These men are placing plywood sheathing over the steel decking.
When the scaffolding is completed, the restoration of the brick will begin.
There's a lot going on, which of course means a lot of progress.


Robert Bunce said...

Thank you for your blog. We are from Provo and we are serving two-year missions in Seoul Korea. Early last summer we picked up our mission call letter from the Provo post office and opened it as we viewed the progress on the south side of the old Tabernacle. Tracy Lewis forwarded your blog address to us, and it has continuously served as a wonderful connection to our home and culture. Thank you for your good work. I'm sure you are helping many like us who need this wonderful connection to home. -- Elder Robert Bunce / Sister Lorri Bunce

Julie said...

Good luck on your mission! Now when I see page views from Korea, I'll know who it is.