Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cold Day Views From Above

It was bitter cold at the site, and I thought this was going to be my last picture this morning.
To my surprise, a Nu Skin employee suggested a better vantage point.  Both the black and white cranes were working today, but otherwise the site was pretty quiet.
The construction cam doesn't show the entire roof of the annex.  The steel forms in the center of this photo have been lifted out of the annex via the opening for the skylight.  Also visible in this photo is the north lift station.
This view shows the area between the annex and Center Street, on the far left.  The three remaining tower caps can be seen in the corner of the lot.  The base of the white crane is visible at the top right.
I turned around so you could see our beautiful downtown.
Forms for the roof of the mechanical shop are being placed.  You can see the trenches which will hold the tension cables for this roof.  Notice the openings to the shop in the upper portion of this photo.
This is a view of those same openings from the post office lot.
The new south entrance to the construction site can be seen in the upper center of this photo, behind the post office.
The dirt ramp where trucks used to enter has been removed.  The south lift station is behind Mr. Track Hoe.
The dirt was moved to the east side between the tabernacle and University Avenue.  The east lift station is behind the wooden fence, but not visible in this picture.  The three lift stations are part of a series of pumps and drains which will keep the temple dry.
I took this picture so you could see the Nu Skin campus.  In the upper center is their new above-ground parking garage.  To the right is their new building, but also a new conference center is under construction.  The snow is over their vast underground parking garage.  Entrance to that garage is behind the circle of snow just to the left of the center of this photo.  Temple patrons will also use that entrance but will turn right instead of going straight.  Also notice the black rectangular forms in the west lot of the construction site.
I have learned that these forms are the beginnings of a stairwell.
This is a ground view of those forms.  Behind, you can see supports for the forms for the garage roof.
All four gables of the temple now have rakes.  Notice the white steel beam across the top of the southeast tower.  
In addition, an octagonal white steel frame has been placed around the top of this tower in preparation for receiving the tower cap.
The site was so quiet this morning that I could hear the welder working on the south gable.
However, these two men were drilling into the steel decking on the northwest side of the roof, occasionally making a furious noise which could be heard for quite a distance.
I see lots of progress when I look at this picture.
It won't be long before I'll be looking for signs of spring.


The Cannon Family said...

Looking at the site plans Provo posted in November 2012, I have to say that your "guardhouse" is actually the beginnings of a stairway, at least the location looks right. This also makes sense because staircases are usually concrete, (you want them to be strong in an emergency) and most guard or parking shacks I've seen have been quite lightweight.

Julie Markham said...

Thanks for this information. I always appreciate help!

David said...

Looks like they are doing something on the roof of the annex right now. They were up during the night putting stuff down, and now they are laying plywood. Any idea of what they are up to?

Julie Markham said...

I learned the coolest thing -- the plywood is going to protect the waterproofing from scaffolding the brick restoration company is going to use. That's about to start!

Esperanza said...

Can you restate this last comment? I can't understand what you are saying. :)

Julie Markham said...

Yes, that was a poor sentence. The brick restoration company needs scaffolding to work on the exterior walls. The plywood will protect the membrane from the scaffolding. Is that better?

Esperanza said...

Yes. Thank you.