Wednesday, July 10, 2013

South Lot Gets Deeper, Tower Caps Get More Attention

Apparently the south lot is not deep enough, so the track hoes are trying to rectify that.
The construction cam shows two pits, but that can quickly change.
I think the mound between the pits just hasn't been dug out yet.
There were lots and lots of dump trucks coming and going, and the track hoes were moving around the site, digging away like there was no tomorrow.
I happened to catch another pour this morning, but it was so noisy that I couldn't hear the concrete pump at all.
The concrete was delivered to this new southeast porch area.
These cement guys really get into their work.
I mentioned the flowable fill in my last post.  It doesn't put pressure on the foundation walls.
I spied red ladders working in the basement.
My camera caught Junior Ladder trying to exit for a cookie break.  This doorway is an egress to the north lot.
You can see the exit from the basement here.  
This is the entrance to the basement from the south lot.  The red ladder marks the underground entrance patrons will use when the temple is finished.
I will confess that I had a little panic attack this morning while taking pictures.  It looked like piers were missing from the southwest corner, on the left of this picture.  A few months ago a friendly workman mentioned that I miss a lot of what goes on, and he thought about putting up arrows so I'd know where to look.
I stared at this corner and decided that this would have been a good place for a few arrows.  How could I have missed piers being removed?  I studied this for a long time, on my knees peering between a jersey wall and a construction fence.  I was just in disbelief.
When I got home, I scrolled through pictures and finally found this view from May 8th.  I think this gap has always been there.  I breathed a little easier after finding this.
In trying to determine if piers were missing, I spent some time studying the west side foundation wall.  It seems like each side gets its own special attention.  
A lot of energy is going to the west side right now.  This west porch area will lead to the mechanical tunnel, off to the left of this picture. 
The outside foundation wall of this west side has been covered with the waterproof membrane.  The lot which is west of this space received a new concrete slab yesterday.
The walls of the mechanical tunnel are being prepared for a pour, too.
This is the area where the blue trench shields were last month.  The rebar now covers a sump which is necessary to help with drainage here.
The west lot was quiet, so I just took this one picture.  You are seeing a slab on top of gravel on the left, and the new slab over waterproof membrane on top of another slab on the right.  I noticed the wood in the front as I took this picture, but only my camera could see it.  Zooming in didn't help me determine what this was, and I wasn't interested in sticking my head between the jersey wall and construction fence, so we'll have to be patient.
The two tower caps on the east side of the north lot were finally uncovered.  The one on the right must be the cap from the southwest tower, as I've been told it received the most damage.
My heart hurt as I took these pictures.
I'm still hopeful it can be saved. 
If it can't be repaired, any salvageable wood will be reused.
These planks were under the plywood.
This is what's coming out of the top.
My car was parked near this corner, so I took another picture after my walk around the block.  Workmen were removing the planks on the healthiest tower cap.


David said...

I am always so curious about what is going on on the south and east sides!! Thank you for filling us in on those parts. The construction cam is great, but when nothing seems to be going on in the north lot, it's tough to follow the progress.

Chad said...

It seems like the East tower piers will be the last ones removed since there is no foundation underneath them. The fill and other structures will have to be much higher before a smaller footing is poured. Any idea on this? It would be sad if ever other pier was gone except the east side.

Julie Markham said...

I have been fascinated with the piers, and I'll watch this as closely as I can. My company leaves next week and that should leave me with a little more freedom to get to the site when necessary.

dSquared said...

Perhaps I missed or have forgotten a 'tower cap' posting; but I don't think the plywood is from 1896. And how old are the current shingles? I am thinking the planks may be original but the what are the iterations? Certainly a re-roofing would have occurred when the center spire was removed?

Thanks do much for all you do.

Julie Markham said...

The plywood is more likely from a reshingling, and two are known. One was about 1920, as you have speculated, when the center spire was removed. Another was in the 1950s. I personally believe the current shingles are the same age as the plywood, and I'm thinking this is all from the 1950s, but that's my own guess.

Esperanza said...

Are there going to be two floors of parking in the south lot? Why are they going deeper?

Julie Markham said...

The south lot parking garage will only be one level. I thought they were deep enough, but I was wrong.

dSquared said...

I am seeing the necessary depth as 24' per bp. If you want the pic, give me an address. Basically - getting to undisturbed dirt, foundation including 4 layers as Julie has shown us, plus ceiling structure plus a bunch of dirt for the landscaping.

Julie Markham said...

I'd like to see the picture. Please use this email: Thanks.