Friday, July 26, 2013

Ready, Aim...

I know it's hot, and sometimes the workmen must get frustrated, but I was a little alarmed to see them aiming at the tabernacle.  
But then I realized it was our old friend, Mr. Drill Rig, back for a visit.
He drilled this micropile while I walked around the block.  These must be tension piles, to hold the ground down so what's left of Lake Bonneville can't push it up.
Both cranes were working today at the site.
These workmen in the west lot were hand-pouring cement delivered by the black crane.
The white crane was assisting Mr. Drill Rig.
More fill was poured early this morning on the west side.
The form crew is working very hard to prepare the east side for its final lift pour.
Their supervisor seemed pleased with the work.
It looks like the rest of the north side and the east side are about ready for their final pours.  I can't wait. 
The spaces these men are cleaning up are where the slab for the underground parking will meet the building. 
I learned today that the fill on the left is from a nearby street project.  If I understood correctly, this fill will be used when the ramp for the south entrance is moved again to accommodate the continuing excavation.  This is like musical chairs, except with dirt.
I was relieved to see men still operating on the southwest tower cap.
I'm encouraged that the patient will survive.


Chad said...

Will the micro piles be cut down at the base or pulled out of the ground? I'll bet they'll be cut down.... Which makes think what engineers will think when they see them in 300 years when they're doing renovation and repairs. I wonder if they'll think it was as amazing of a project as we do or if they'll look at it like we do the original foundation of the tabernacle as something very primitive. :)

Julie Markham said...

Oh, I'm certain anyone in the future will be extremely impressed! I am pretty sure that the slab levels will reach the tops of the micropiles. My engineer-husband remembers that the city plans showed metal plates at the tops of the micropiles which were part of the seismic protection, too. I took pictures of those plates just before one of the slab pours in the basement, but I didn't know what I was seeing at the time. I assume these exterior micropiles will have those plates, too, but I'll hope my camera catches what actually happens. I'm sure these same piles will be drilled throughout the south lot so the underground parking lot will stay put. I'm thinking I'll have plenty of time to observe.