Saturday, February 27, 2016

Old and New and In-between

Many visitors were on the temple grounds this afternoon.
No one seemed to be in a hurry to leave.
The fountain is a crowd-pleaser.
As for me, I'm still focused on the pulpit.
A. LeGrand Richards shared some old photos with me.
This 1893 article states there were three pulpits, apparently patterned after the Salt Lake Tabernacle.
President Heber J. Grant is shown in this photo taken during a graduation.  Notice the mohair covering on top of the pulpit.
This photo from last week shows the pulpit as it was just before the fire.  The top part replaced the mohair.
I added some contrast so you could see the base.  This has been replicated in the temple.
The temple has come a long way.
Three years ago, the temple was on piers.
By February of 2014, the temple had a new foundation and a slate roof.
Restoration of the brick kept the temple shrouded for months.
The decking underneath the west gardens was just being poured in February of 2014.
This afternoon, crowds flocked around the pavilion.
Two years ago, it was a different story.
Progress has come slowly, but surely.
Last year at this time geofoam covered everything.
It's been worth the wait.

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