Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Four Miles

The temple looked peaceful from Second South this afternoon.
It was serene next door, too.
The east side was not quiet at all.
I thought they were all finished building drains.
I learned today that the temple site includes four miles of underground drainage lines.
Drains to collect water from the roof will pass between the white fence and the walkway as they run along the east side of the temple.
The copper part of the collection system is already in place.
We've been admiring it for quite some time.
There aren't four miles of it, but it's still beautiful.
This will all be completed soon so they can build the east stairs.
In the meantime, this city sidewalk is coming up so a new one can go down.
The track hoes made it difficult for me to check on the forms for the south entrance.
They are quicker than you might suspect.
My camera, however, is persistent.
An underground labyrinth was going up a year ago in this area.
I have no idea why these forms are this tall.
So far, we've been able to trust the engineers.
I checked on the pavilion.
It was a little hard to see, also.
We might think the progress is slow on the pavilion, but last summer it looked like this.
Men worked on the east side of the pavilion this afternoon.
Ladders helped.
They are installing the soffit around the new LED lights.
They still have a lot of work to do. 
New trees aren't waiting.
I saw new trees on the north side, too.
Blossoms no longer wait for anything. 
I am giving up ever seeing the temple from this vantage point again.
I can be happy with this view, though.
We can now see the new fence along Center Street.
The west side is being prepared for painting.
Don't worry about the painter in the shade.  It was his lunch hour.
The view is clear from the south.
I believe there are no more roadblocks on this end, either.


David and Mary Lou said...

I think it is so interesting the difference that the landscaping is making. Although intellectually I know the temple has not moved locations, I would swear that it now sits further south, away from Center Street, than it used to. The fences, sidewalks,trees and gardens have set it back beautifully. And it looks to me like they could be ready to roll out sod within a matter of weeks on the north and west side!

Julie Markham said...

You know my camera wreaks havoc with perspective. I promise the temple hasn't moved! I haven't given sod a thought. I have, however, been closely watching for buds on the trees in the north lot which were contemporary with the tabernacle. I want to know that they survived all of this. I'll post pictures of buds when I see them, and I'll do my best not to miss the sod, either.

Mike Hugo said...

I noticed the star on the copper where the vertical meets the horizontal. I'm amazed at the tiny beautiful details that most people who don't have a camera with a zoom lens will never see.

Nathan McArthur said...

Julie. I've been following your blog from the beginning, but have never made a comment. Just wanted to say thanks!! I look forward to seeing your pictures and comments every week as this beautiful building transforms.

Julie Markham said...

Thanks for your kind words. This has been a lot of fun, far more than I ever imagined.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

I saw something interesting on the construction cam today. There are round concrete bases poured on the north side of the building close to the water course. I doubt they're lamp post bases because they're too close together and too close to the building. I'm almost certain they're bases for the exterior lighting. I haven't given any thought at to how the exterior lighting has been designed to look, but now I'm getting excited to see it.

Julie Markham said...

I think they might be lighting for the temple, but I'm guessing.