Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Steeple, Slate and Niches

Here is the Church.
Here is the steeple.
Look under the tarp,
And see all the people.
Lots of people.
Robert Jaramillo took this picture on Saturday showing geofoam going upstairs.
It's being used to build up the base of the steeple, seen here from the construction cam.
In the meantime, Foamhenge is growing below.
Our new favorite stone is still beautiful.
A new arch has appeared under the south gable.
The trimwork continues on the northeast tower.  Notice the men in the lower right-hand corner.
They are probably discussing how the trim will be hung along the fascia boards.
Ultimately, the new trim will spread over to the south gable, and then there's no stopping it.
My camera looked up a lot today.  The slate reaches the top of all four gables.
North, south, east and this west gable.  They are all covered with slate.
This is niche #15, next to the entrance at the base of the southeast tower.
This doorway was an entrance for the tabernacle.  Stairs in both east towers of the temple will lead from lower instruction rooms to an upper instruction room.  There will be exterior doors in each tower, but only for emergencies.
Masons worked to complete the arch above this new niche.
This is the very last niche.  Maybe next time.
I learned that the fountain was poured yesterday.  It was actually hard to tell while at the site if its walls had been poured.
But a little spilled concrete confirmed the pump had come and gone.
And then he returned this morning and poured the floor of the pavilion.  The opening behind the elevator shaft is for stairs, which will rise from the east, on the left, to the west.
The pump didn't spill any concrete here.
A cement truck worked with men in the north lot near the new planter. The man with the circular hose is using an electric beater to shake out any bubbles in the concrete.
Forms have reached the end of the south lot and tension cables are being laid.  The crane is moving a form for a beam into place.
Both cranes were busy, but they are working themselves out of a job.  The wall along the center-left of this picture marks the south entrance.
When the cranes have finished their work, they will just head west and up the ramp.
Since that could be soon, the exit is being prepared for them.
From the top of the steeple base,
To the bottom of the water course, the work is everywhere.
My camera zoomed in on Moroni shining in the morning sun.
Don't worry.  My camera zoomed in on this, too.
But I knelt right next to these beautiful flowers to capture them.


Travis Brinton said...

"Foamhenge" is clever...but it's already taken! Here in Virginia there's a full-scale Styrofoam replica of Stonehenge that goes by that name. It's one of a number of rather tacky tourist attractions in the Natural Bridge area.

Julie Markham said...

Our Foamhenge is temporary, so yours will be safe. No worries...