Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Eyes at the Site

There were a lot of things to see at the site today.
It was good I took a few extra sets of eyes.
On a Saturday, the trucks usually blocking the north gate were gone.
We got a good look at the north planter.  At first my grandson Will did not believe he was seeing styrofoam.  His mother corrected him, telling him it was geofoam.
The planters on the north and west lots are visible in this early morning photo from the construction cam.
I cropped this cam shot from later in the morning.  The sandbags will hold the forms in place.
Will, a little more agile than I am, was able to get this great view of the west lot where some of the planter forms can be seen.
I told him to aim at the mechanical building and shoot.  I was happy to see how high the brick is on this side.
The back of the mechanical building is visible on the right.  The brick is as high as the orange mesh.
We had a lot of fun while on the west side.
I was torn between watching the beautiful mountains....
And the kids, who were having fun at Nu Skin's fountains.  I will confess it was nice to leave the bedlam at home where there were so many cousins that the walls were shaking.
We could pretend that there were more of us, though.
I was the only one impressed that the slate on the southwest tower roof is moving up.
But Will and his mother were interested in the niches.  This niche on the northeast tower is being prepared for its veneer of quartzitic sandstone.  Notice the doorway on the left.
Will quietly noticed it and took this picture.  I promise to study the stairs next time.
This niche is above the previous niche.
This was the first completed niche, to the left of the tower doorway.
This niche is just above, with work in progress.
These two niches are on on the northwest tower.
I believe we are seeing a new portion of the quartzitic sandstone belt on the east side.
The east side is still difficult to see because of all the scaffolding.  The stairwells on the south are now visible.
I'm starting to see how this is going to work.  We'll come up on the left from the garage.
Will took this great picture of the south lot for me.  I love seeing the pavilion with forms growing inside.
I'm anxious to watch this all come together.
Will zoomed in on the south gable so we could see how high the brick is.
I, however, captured this amazing photo of the south driveway.
The brick on the north gable was easy to see in the morning light.  I love the arches.
The temple is all about families.
There are other things to see near the temple.
I have a variety of favorite things to photograph there.

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