Friday, May 9, 2014

Finials, Slate And A Little Brick

I waited for a break in the rain to visit the site this afternoon.
These two guys were the only ones working.
Well, Moroni was on the lookout, as usual.
A water and ice protection layer was placed on the steeple base today.
The northeast tower roof has all its slate.
The finial is next.
It will look like this.
Finials are part of the Eastlake design and already popular in our downtown.
Slate is appearing on the northwest tower roof.
Finials are part of a lightning protection system, just as Moroni is, and will be grounded.
I peeked a little bit at the brick restoration.  I've been watching this area just below the north gable.
The sandstone blocks are getting plenty of care and attention.
By this time I was sure the rain had stopped, so I walked to the south gate.  The green rebar covers an area being prepared for a large pour, maybe next week.
I'm still adjusting to the look of the temple at ground level.
The forms keep moving south.  This area is now visible from the construction cam.
In case you are directionally-challenged, those forms are near the crane.  The underground base of the pavilion is now very easy to see.
Some walls here were poured this morning.  The red ladders are pointing out the remaining forms.
The planter on the north side is slowly rising from the top of the annex.
I'm seeing rebar, forms, sandbags.  Where's the concrete?
Maybe flowers will bloom here next spring.

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