Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gable and Tower Work

It was nice to be back at the site again.  I missed a big storm yesterday, but the temple didn't.
The north gable was enclosed to keep the snow from blowing inside.  Notice the men working on the west gable.
They added mesh last week so the gable can be finished to its proper dimensions.
Brick was salvaged after the fire.  
Brick was also taken from the interior.  Originally there were five widths.  Now there are only three, although shotcrete over rebar is in their place.  Other brick from the same time period has also been purchased.
Much of this brick will be used to repair all four gables.
A welder worked on the southwest tower today.  He's preparing for the permanent attachment of the tower cap.
The east gable supports are in place.  Two men are working inside the northeast tower cap.
I caught one when he stood up.  What a view he has!
The southwest tower cap is waiting for one last lift to its final location.  The tower caps would be too heavy to lift if they were wearing their slate shingles, so those will be added later.
The center steeple has cladding and is ready to be placed.
The crane lifted it up for a final measurement shortly after I left the site.  Notice that the view from the construction cam has been adjusted.
I watched a permanent ladder being delivered while I was there.
It was a long climb to get to the top of the steeple base to help out Mr. Crane.
It was also bitter cold today.  Seventeen degrees.  No wind and lots of sun made it tolerable.
The pigeons didn't seem to mind, though.
Notice the concrete forms in the lower right-hand corner.  At some point they will be used to build supports for the underground parking garage in this lot.  The black crane removed ducts from several truck beds.
These ducts kept coming.
My favorite view of the tabernacle was a little crowded when this truck got stuck in the mud caused by the snow.  Fortunately, there were plenty of resources to quickly get him unstuck.
The waffle plating is being removed below the roof, inside the annex.
Slowly but surely the holes for the piers are being filled in with concrete.  These black blankets are covering the most recently filled holes.  There is a reason why they weren't all filled in at once, but no one has shared it with me.  The baptistry is just through the wall on this east side of the temple.  The machinery for the font is now in place.  It's accessible from the lowest level of the basement and completely unseen from the font area.
The east lift station will be taller when it's finished.  At some point access to this area will no longer be needed.
These men are fixing rebar to the south wall of the mechanical shop.
The area in front of the shop is being used to store the rebar until it's on the walls.
Supports for the roof are being built for the west underground parking garage.  The roof is slanted to allow for drainage, but the ground above it will be level.
Special plywood, like what was used for the annex roof, is in place for the garage roof on the right side of this picture.

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