Monday, September 17, 2012

Delicate Work

At the Regional Conference on September 16th, Elder William R. Walker said that the "delicate work" on the Provo City Center Temple was ongoing.
It appears that this delicate work includes building an inner structure to support the exterior walls.
Through this window on the east is a view of the back side of the north wall, covered with rebar.
A helpful closeup shows new internal wooden supports.
A different type of metal supports are inside the towers.
For weeks workmen have been gutting the inside to make room for this internal structure.
I am not sure what I'm seeing, but I can photograph it.
This is an edge of the northern face.
A close-up shows the wall to be quite thick.  The question is:  how sturdy?
This is a close-up of what appears to be a roof support on the west side.
This photo is from the south.
From the northwest, a view of that tower or support.
An enormous pile of rocks occupied this spot last month.
The rocks have been moved to make room for construction vehicles.
This is a window frame over the south entrance.

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