Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pavilion and a Couple Peeks

New copper on the pavilion shined in this morning's light.
Workmen have made a lot of progress.
The windows are stunning.
I took a few pictures from the courthouse steps this morning.
I have been curious about stonework in the basin of the fountain.
I wondered why the stone looked wet.  We've had rain, but I wasn't sure.
Without dipping my finger in, I believe there is water in the basin!
While on my perch, I tried to find the urn for the north planter, but trees blocked my view.
I got a better look peeking through the fence.
I can see a lot of similarities between the urn and the fountain.
I could see lights behind the north entrance.
I believe these lights are protected from dust with plastic.
A new jamb has been installed on the east side.
Painters continue working on the fence.
Masons are doing some intricate work.
The Provo South Stake has hosted two wonderful firesides in conjunction with Pioneer Day.  
The next fireside will be on Sunday, July 19th, at 7:00 pm.
The address is 835 South, 500 West.  Everyone is welcome.

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Easy_Going_Dad said...

There's definately water in the fountain. The stone has a mirrored look that would indicate a reflection.