Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copper and More Flowers

This was actually the last picture I took today.
This was one of the first.
I've been curious about the new copper we can see from the construction cam.
I decided this copper is up and out of the way, not in place yet.
I noticed more copper on the south side.
This is a handy storage spot.
 Copper makes a beautiful roof.
Workmen have been busy this morning.
I like being able to see the west side.
It's getting tidied up a bit.
This mason is working on the stone near the southwest tower entrance.
Once I turned the corner, I could tell the south entrance jamb was up.
The jamb was machine-made, and the brick opening was pioneer-made.
The goal is a perfect fit.
These guys are really into their work.
I looked from University Avenue.
A beautiful art glass window identifying the temple will be placed above the door.
The north jamb has once again been returned to its opening.  Maybe it will stay.
The construction fence was gone along the east side.  I hope that's permanent.
A welder was finishing the temple fence.
Painters worked at the south entrance.
This work takes two people.
These men are artists in every sense. 
This new lamp is on Center Street.
A bulb was being installed as I left the site.
Mr. Engineer-husband says this is a high-intensity LED.
All the better to see everything with.
And there's a lot to see.


JayBingham said...

The last photo in the blog today looks like it could be on a postcard.
Nice work, thanks for all you do.

Cole Robison said...

The copper on the roof of the pavilion is a welcome change from the blue tarp we've seen for months!

Easy_Going_Dad said...

Wow! Check out the construction cam tonight at 8:30. An very bright rainbow found its way into the shot.

Julie said...

Very beautiful!!