Friday, July 17, 2015

New Art Glass

I took three grandkids to the temple grounds this morning.
They have been here before.  It was a lot more exciting when the site was filled with trucks.
I saw something new.
I wasn't expecting this.
We could see wainscotting inside the northeast tower door.
My eye caught light inside the southeast tower doorway.
Unfortunately for the little ones, only my camera could see this.
My grandson asked if Moroni was made out of solid gold.  We had a short lesson on gold leaf.
We walked as far south as the pavilion.
There were a few complaints on the way back about how noisy University Avenue is.
My son decided a little refreshment was necessary.
This particular building was under construction at the same time the tabernacle was being built.
There are many options for great food along Center Street.
The kiddies scarfed down some delicious snacks.
I studied the interior of the building.
Don't forget the Provo South Stake fireside this Sunday at 7 pm.
An archaeologist and the new temple and mission presidents will speak.

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