Friday, June 12, 2015

The Grass Is Greener

Reflections from the sun were beautiful this morning.
Details of the temple are simply lovely.
I wonder how much of the beauty was planned.
This is my current favorite beautiful thing.
Even the fences are beautiful.
Perhaps in the way, though.
My mother would tell me this is my lot in life.
Perhaps you should know that I officially complained about this view being blocked.
I was told this is the price of progress.
This is progress, too. 
A new walk was poured.
It leads to another of my favorite details.
Forms are being placed for a walk leading north. 
And south.
I hope when this walk is paved I won't have to stand in the street anymore.
I don't usually complain this much.
I'm hopeful.
The pavilion has received quite a bit of attention lately.
This is trim for the soffit.
Copper now tops the cupola.
Soon it will top the pavilion, too.
There was quite a bit to watch along the north side.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Masons are placing stone at the north stairs.
They work fast.
This mason is visible from the construction cam.
I was particularly happy to see this truck on Second South.
He found his way to Center Street.
I didn't know sod could move this fast.
In no time the stacks were on the temple grounds.
Everyone seemed to be in a hurry.
It's green.
Fortunately, this view will not be blocked when I visit next week.
One last view was a little hard to see this morning.
My camera took several pictures before he captured this clear shot.
I hope this is the Victorian urn which belongs in the center of the north planter.
Lots of work.
Lots to see.
Lots of progress.


Easy_Going_Dad said...

Check out the construction cam Today (Friday) at 11:00 am. The tarp is not covering the whole urn and you can see it to some extent. Cool!

Julie Markham said...

Good catch! This bodes well for confirming it's the urn.

Katshrnk said...

Fantastic pics, as usual. You are doing a ton of work 😍 Kathy