Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peeking At Progress

The beautiful morning had a tough time competing with the beautiful temple.
I'm still not sure who won.
It was a pretty close call.
I passed by the northwest tower door early on my walk.  I can't complain about the leaves, but they were definitely in the way.
It was worth the trouble to encourage my camera to focus.
He was interested in a larger view today.  What a difference grass makes!
I was curious about the man on the lift.
I've been watching him from the construction cam.
While zooming in, I managed to capture a picture of the urn for the planter.  It's still mostly covered.
I suspected the workman wasn't just admiring the windows.
He must be applying final touches.
There are more final touches, such as with the fence.
Black is as attractive as green.
The pavilion is turning white.
I saw something new.
A flag pole.
I'm already a fan.
I saw something else new.
I wasn't expecting to see this on the temple grounds, but I can adapt.
Maybe these containers we saw delivered two weeks ago are full of grass shades.
Maybe not.
Maybe someone is just being creative in blocking the sun.
More concrete was delivered this morning.
Notice the entrance to the underground parking garage on the right.
I walked down the ramp this morning.  Someone has been busy painting.
And not just concrete, either.
I was told that the beautiful ceiling from the pavilion to the south entrance isn't wood.
I have my doubts.
There have always been two openings, but the one on the left has been blocked until recently. A surprising amount of traffic was coming in and out.  None appeared to be temple patrons, though.
Another entrance to the underground garage is from Second South.
The reason the south views are blocked is because so much work is going on below.
Of course, the work hasn't slowed aboveground.
I will confess I am delighted about the new grass.
I took a lot of pictures.
There is even a strip of green along University Avenue.
The north part of the temple grounds will be easy to access by downtown pedestrians.
This new walk doesn't quite connect with the north walks yet.
It passes by the beautiful east side.
The long stretch south has begun.
For those who like to walk, or even run, another big event is planned for Pioneer Day.
You can register here.
The 5K will not involve the new sidewalks.
But everyone will be able to admire the new grass.
To be honest, there is a lot to admire.


David and Mary Lou said...

Isn't it amazing how "finished" putting grass down makes a construction project look? Suddenly, it looks almost done (although we know there is much to do yet.) I also wondered if the north lot will open before the open houses. Somewhere I read that the north area (enclosed in the lower fences) will remain city property although the Church will maintain it. That is why the gates are where they are on that the north park can stay open even when the temple grounds are closed. It looks to me like the city could take possession of that north lot as a downtown park before the end of summer (at least it would be ready)...

Julie said...

Yes, I was really surprised how different everything looked with grass. It's as though the progress suddenly jumped light years. I checked the Utah County Parcel Map. It shows that the LDS Church owns all of that north property. I have heard that the north part of the park will function as public property, just as it did when the tabernacle was in use. I asked if the area north of the higher fence near the temple might open before the temple was open and was told, "Maybe."

Easy_Going_Dad said...

Yes. Owned by the Church, but open to the public 24/7. Kind of like a mini Temple Square for Provo. It never even crossed my mind that the north lot could be open before the temple is completed. That would be a nice thing to have.

Julie said...

A very nice thing to have. I'd see it as bonus points for being so patient.