Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Morning Light

The temple is especially beautiful in the morning light.
The rising sun shone through the windows.
A hymn came to mind.
A cement truck arrived before I did.
This guy appeared out of nowhere to fill up his little truck.
I will confess that I was just a little closer than I wanted to be.
But not close enough to ask what he was building.
Masons were there early, too.
They've been busy.
As big as the fountain is, it's a little hard to see.
Stone is being placed around the base.
Once the construction is complete, trees will still be in the way.
Masons worked all around the fountain.
They are completing stairwells and planters.
This mason was polishing a capstone of quartzitic sandstone.
Like last week, his base was a firm block of geofoam.
Other masons worked in the north gardens.
They have creatively used geofoam, also.
Painters are always busy.
It appears the geofoam is involved with everything at this point.
I saw the ladders come to work.
These men were putting a finish on the north wall along the Nu Skin driveway.  I suspect all the exterior walls at the temple site will be finished like this.
I spied workmen at the northeast tower.
They are working on door trim.
Fortunately, my camera got a peek inside.  Temple patrons will use these stairs to go between instruction rooms on the ground floor and the second level.
The pavilion is also hard to see, but it's not out of mind.
The exterior is receiving trim.
The cupola has been painted.
I was able to peek in from the west.
My camera caught something interesting inside.
I was standing here when I took a few photographs of the pavilion.
I turned a bit to take a picture of the temple.
I took this picture two years ago from about the same location.
I took this picture from the southeast corner this morning.
This was how the site looked in June, 2013.
You can laugh, but at that time I didn't know they were going to dig any deeper.
Last year at this time, workmen were laying rebar for the underground garage.
Dirt is now going in for landscaping.
Speaking of landscaping, guess what these men are doing.
They are preparing for sod.
This man is installing more exterior lighting.
There is actually quite a bit of that already.
I was surprised with this sight in the south lot.
My guess is the boxes contain benches for the garden areas.
I saw a little bit of progress in the post office lot.
I tried to guess how far along the south entrance is.
I fear it's not as close as I want it to be.
The north entrance is still a bit of a mystery.
In three years, the temple has come a long way.
I'm starting to get excited.


David and Mary Lou said...

I think you are exactly right on the park benches....I looked up Du Mor (the name on the boxes) on the Internet and they sell very nice park furniture.

And I think we are all excited, too! Thanks for your documenting this wonderful process.

Katshrnk said...


Easy_Going_Dad said...

That first photo in the blog entry is stunning! You could probably consign that through Deseret Book or something.

Julie said...

Some days my camera comes home with a veritable treasure trove of good photos, and today was one of those days. But, I'm not in this for the money. (Please laugh with me.) Deseret Book is on their own. But thanks for your kind words.

Cole Robison said...

I am so excited to see so much progress! I couldn't be more excited. Sod coming soon, post office lot taking shape, seemingly round the clock masonry and greenery placement, paint on fences and the pavilion, and tower doors receiving trim, etc! How exciting!

I LOVE the pictures where you include the shot from 1 and 2 years previous from the same viewpoint. So fascinating! When I check the construction cam from day to day sometimes I'm disappointed in the apparent lack of progress, but those pictures show how much really is happening! Thank you for your posts.