Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Peaceful Sunset at the Temple Grounds

The site was very quiet this evening.
Blooming doesn't make much noise.
Most of the workmen had left.
Security guards stood at their stations.
I took my yellow ladder.
When I peeked over the wall, the pavilion looked right back.
There are now stairs on the west side.
Geofoam is being placed for stairs at the north entrance.
Most of the north lot is filled with walkways, not stairs.
Work continued this week for the base of the walkway along University Avenue.  This black stuff looks like asphalt but has no smell at all.
Eventually the base will creep south.
It has a long way to go.
I was interested in seeing the south lot tonight.
The construction cam showed rebar.
We haven't seen rebar for awhile.
Squeaking caught my attention.
These two men were cutting geofoamThis has likely been going on in front of my camera for over a year, but the site is so noisy I haven't heard it before.
It was easy to hear tonight.  Geofoam being cut sounds like an old tricycle.
The stash on the right is their remnant pile.
I saw something interesting at the driveway.
Goliath will be allowed, but not Godzilla.
Do we appreciate all the work which has made this tranquil scene possible?
One year ago it was pretty crazy. 
Tonight = zen. 
Zen with rebar.
Generally, construction zones aren't peaceful.
Eventually, however, the temple grounds will be very peaceful, even downtown.
I can't wait.


Brian said...

Zen with rebar needs to become a synonym for something. I don't know what. Or maybe a punk rock band name.

Valerie Chandler said...

I am watching this site closely from Arkansas and loving every post. Your detail and insight is just delicious. And humor, too. This post was especially fun. Thank you so much for your work here. I just love a visit to your site.