Friday, September 26, 2014

Scatter Sunshine

I unexpectedly found myself at the site this afternoon.  Fortunately, I had my camera.
Our sky is expecting a storm.
The west sun showed off the new west arch.
This is beautiful in any light.
It used to look like this.
Everyone is pleased.
I asked about the inside of the temple. The answer: "Lotta sheetrock.  Little paint."
I waited for more information but none was forthcoming.
I learned that Holiness To The Lord will be etched into a glass arched transom over the south doors.
The north doors won't get any special treatment, but they will be an emergency exit.
Soffit and fascia are now above the walls to the east and west of both north and south gables.
The pavilion is still receiving attention.  I am delighted.
Here's the story: I had lunch with a friend downtown. This came together in a hurry and we ended up right across from the temple.  As I ate my Moo Goo Gai Pan, I watched a concrete pump at the site.  I actually watched it for quite awhile.  My camera was next to me, but I resisted the urge to race across Center Street and take a picture.  My sensitivity to what is polite isn't always adjusted at the right level, but I was pretty sure that wouldn't have qualified.
But after lunch, I did walk across the street.  The fence post bases were poured on the right...
And on the left.
Planters at both ends were poured, too.
This will look a lot better next week, I'm sure.
While putting up my pictures tonight, Yuki Dorff sent a photo you will love, especially with the construction cam down today.  The concrete pump I watched was blue, but an orange pump was at the site this morning filling in the space between the mechanical building and its wall.  Please notice the walkway around the north planter at the top of this picture.
Geofoam forms a circle around the planter in the center, but there are also two long legs of geofoam which will support paving stones parallel to the sidewalk along University.
These legs are part of a large oval which will encompass both north planters.
Yuki also sent this photo. Yes, I have already thanked her.  She has a good view from the Nu Skin office building.
This is my view from the Nu Skin parking garage.
I took a another closeup of the steeple.  A new rain collection system is already in place on the northwest tower.
As the sun danced in and out of the clouds this afternoon, it gleamed.
Two towers now have these beautiful copper gutters.  We'll find out tomorrow if they work.
Men worked on the southeast tower frieze board.
The southwest frieze board is all painted.
The temple looks beautiful from any direction.

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Melanie Ferguson said...

Yes, the temple looks beautiful from every direction. thanks for the proof! especially for those of us who can't be there in person to see it....