Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I went to the site this afternoon because the construction cam showed a visiting crane.
He was moving stuff into the mechanical shop, but I arrived at the end of his project.
Something big went in.  Mr. Ladder helped.
I was surprised to see the white sheeting coming off the east side.
I took lots of pictures of the brick which has been covered for months.
We are seeing new mortar along the top of this picture.
I can usually only say good things about my camera, but today it wasn't doing justice to the brick.  We can blame that on the clouds.
There is still a lot of work to be done on this side.
This keystone is missing his cap.
It should look like this.
I love seeing the cove edges along the gables.
The east side has always been my favorite to watch.  I'm so glad it's uncovered.
The blue tape means there's still work to do.
Lots of blue tape along this section.
In case you are wondering why all the pictures from this side are zoomed in, this is why.
With the tower roofs still needing work, the scaffolding will be up for a long time.
I've been watching the cam hoping we'd see concrete poured over the south entrance.  That will happen very soon.
I went through some pictures from last year to see the progress that's been made.  This picture was taken one year ago today.
There's a lot of work under that rebar, and by next year we'll probably have forgotten all about it.
But last April 22nd, this is what we saw.
Everyone was working hard today.
I'm very interested in the stairwells.  You need to look closely to see the extra rebar wall these men are putting together.
Don't be concerned about the horizontal man in this picture.  He was working, not resting.  
I know the next pour is close when the rebar looks like an ocean.
Fourteen months ago, the tabernacle was floating on piers.
Mr. Concrete Pump visited the site this morning.  He poured this area. The micropiles which were buried last summer are being uncovered.
You haven't forgotten about all those micropiles, have you?
There are hundreds of micropiles throughout the site, and last August I was learning all about them.
This year I've been learning about form trenches and beams.  Look closely at the crane on the left.
He is suspended in the air on his outriggers.  This gives him a longer reach.
I'm also enjoying learning about the pavilion.  Notice the workman on the right, also suspended.  The three ladders have their feet on the ground, though.
It took me several tries to get a picture of the forms along the wall, in the center of this picture.  Workmen kept crossing in front of my camera.  They work hard and pay no attention to me.  The camera flattens out the perspective, but this view covers two city blocks, not counting what's past the truck.
This is the other end of the wall.  It's blocking what used to be great views of the temple.  I think it got some concrete this morning, too.
February a year ago I was still using the old Nu Skin garage to take pictures.
Now I have trouble even getting close.
Fortunately, I have a camera I can rely on.
I believe I've mentioned that I love watching the brick.
Today I saw something new.
I think these spaces in the bricks have always been here, and we just haven't noticed before.
A lot of work on this side has taken place in the last week.
I can get lost in the brick, when actually there is work going on all over the place.
This was today's view from the northwest corner.  A north entrance to Nu Skin's parking garage is below the ladder.  He's leaning against the wall of the mechanical shop.
In February 2013 there were still track hoes in the basement.
I don't think there was a track hoe anywhere on the site today.
This year we have Moroni.  Isn't he great?
And spring.
Sometimes it's good to reflect a little bit, so we can see progress.

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