Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cracker Jacks

I found a surprise inside today.
Lots of beams!
I could see white beams through the openings in the north foundation.
These beams are new since I took a picture of the work around the elevator base Friday.
I'm assuming you are as interested in the beams and columns as I am.
Once I knew they were inside, I kept looking.
And how did they get inside?  Mr. Crane!
They are staged on the upper north lot.  And of course you are noticing the tower cap.
I smile every time I see the southwest tower cap.
The concrete forms have been removed from the north wall of the annex.
They are being put to work on the west side.
Both cranes were working today.  They are mesmerizing to watch.
The west lot is as busy as I've ever seen it.  I finally got a good look because I took a ladder.
The new annex slab is being treated with the waterproof membrane.
I am often asked, to my surprise, when First South is going to be rebuilt.  It used to be here.  You can see the lights at the intersection across University Avenue.
My back is near First West.  First South has been significantly deconstructed and won't be rebuilt.
This is the view from University Avenue.  If you look carefully, you can see the intersection of Second West and First South on the far right in the distance.  Provo has a downtown master plan which includes a pedestrian promenade from the gardens of the new temple west to Pioneer Park, on 5th West.
A waterproof layer is being built over the barrier wall on the southwest lot.  That layer is being covered with a coat of shotcrete.  This wall backs up to the post office property. Another article about the fate of the post office was in last week's Deseret News.
Micropiles are now completely in place in the south lot.  Perhaps you are wondering about the area underneath the ramps.  The micropiles are there, but they will be discovered again by someone who has a map with the X's on it.
I had a lot of fun today, finding the beams and watching the cranes.
We're seeing progress.
I'm sure there are other surprises in store for us.


d2 said...

I wondered if you are counting clicks on 'page 29'? You got one from me, and it made me want to live there again. I did not see the expanding momolyth in the renderings but it did make me wonder where i could live to get a nice westerly view of the temple.

Julie Markham said...

I can't see clicks on links, but I hope people check that out. I fear the monolith on Nu Skin's west lot will be enormous. I will work up the courage to post a picture of it soon. A westerly view of the temple will be difficult. Despite that, Provo is a wonderful place to live. There were decades of my life, before we moved here, that I never imagined I'd say that.