Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Friday

A friend gave me this picture of the tabernacle.  Her great-grandfather, Fred Taylor, who was an early doctor in Provo, took this photo in 1902.  This is a great place to take a beautiful picture of the tabernacle.
Here's the artist's rendition of the new temple.
Here is that same view this afternoon.  The men were working hard to get the rebar and cables in place on top of the forms.
I watched them work for quite awhile.  A bulkhead indicates the southern edge of where the concrete will be poured next.  It starts on the right side of the picture and runs behind the two men on the left.
Notice the ends of the tension cables poking through wooden templates at the ends of the rebar beams.
The elders from the missionary box pointed these out to me.
One of the missionaries had worked in construction before his mission.  They were very observant.
The crane stayed busy bringing up the cables to the level of the forms.
They need lots of cables.
Despite the experience these men have, they still look at the plans to make sure it's done right.
I've been wondering about these sections of PVC pipe.  My camera got a good look today.
They are being placed inside the beams.
I suppose they will carry utilities through the roof of the garage.
There are a lot of these in place, with the ends covered in duct tape so the concrete can't get inside.
I am excited to watch the roof of the garage move south.
The concrete pump visited the site this morning and covered a waterproof layer with cement.  Notice the mechanical shop at the top left above the west garage.  There are two entrances in that structure.
A fence in front of this building will hide any activity.  Apparently they are busy places.
The walls of the emergency stairwell have been poured.
Forms and rebar are standing along the post office barrier for a wall there, too.
Notice the forms for this beam which will go through the pavilion.
This picture gives an idea of how big the underground part of the pavilion will be.  The ground-level pavilion will only be above the circular part on the right.  The two levels will be about 3800 square feet total.
The north area above the underground annex has been cleaned off.  I have been told that much of the stuff from this area is being moved to the west garage where it will be nice and cool this coming summer.
My camera spied the underside of the spiral staircase in the southwest tower.
It was fun to see work progressing on the brick so far up on the west gable.
The three holes came from the scaffolding after the fire which braced the walls.
The niche will be finished with a limestone block veneer, not plaster, which it has now.
Great effort is being expended to preserve as much of this brick as possible.
This is a building worth preserving.


David said...

When will they clean the bricks from the fire?

Julie said...

I'll stay on top of watching the fire damage get cleaned off the west gable. The north and east sides are covered with white plastic sheeting while those bricks are being cleaned and repaired.

dianep said...

I enjoy so much following your posts on the progress of the temple. I am particularly interested as my Great Great Grandfather, William Harrison Folsom, was the architect of the Tabernacle and it's an important part of our family's legacy! Diane Folsom Packham, Provo

Julie said...

What a heritage! We are all grateful for Brother Folsom's work.