Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve At The Temple

The setting sun lit the tabernacle this evening.
It was very quiet.
I have never seen the building look so beautiful.
Samantha Carter caught the southeast tower cap being placed for a measurement yesterday.
Mr. Ladder is showing us which cap was temporarily lifted up.
It will be put back soon, and will stay there.
The three damaged gables are being rebuilt.  This is the south gable.
The east gable is getting rakes.
The west gable received rakes last week.  Notice the beehive opening in the gable which was filled with rebar and shotcrete earlier this year.
I suspect all four gables will look like the original east gable.
Perhaps you have noticed from the cam that the south entrance to the site turned into a drop off.
The gates are blocked, and Mr. Track Hoe has cut away the dirt.
The current entrance is now to the right, where it was until August so micropiles could be drilled.
The dirt was moved to the east side and is now level with the lift station.
All the scaffolding is off the foundation walls.
The dirt ramp gives machines access to the east side.
The new walls of the mechanical shop are now visible on the west side of the tabernacle.
Tension cables will be placed in the trenches.  After the concrete is poured, they will be pulled tight with hydraulic jacks.
I hurried to get one last picture before the sun went to bed for the night.
The rest of downtown Provo was decorated for Christmas.
I have a few decorations at home, too.

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