Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Gravel, More Ladders

My arrival at the tabernacle this morning coincided with the arrival of heavy clouds.
Clouds don't bother the workmen, though.  The level of gravel is rising in the annex.  The arm of the concrete pump was spewing out the gravel, but I was surprised to see Mr. Crane bringing in buckets of gravel, too.  I am going to guess this is for the elevator  shaft which goes from the annex to the lowest level of the tabernacle, and which we can no longer see because of the east wall.
A little front end loader smoothed things out.  He's actually riding on about 18 inches of gravel, enough to cover the plumbing which was visible Monday.
I've confessed that the crane is fun to watch, but I could watch the gravel additions in the annex all day long, and I'm not alone.
The gravel is being delivered by tandem trucks to the south lot.  The back one empties first.
Then the front bed empties.  The gravel is scooped into single trucks where it's taken to the upper north lot.
This is all choreographed, of course.
But I wish there had been someone to ask why Mr. Crane was taking over one bucket at a time.
The rebar work under the northeast tower is quite fancy.  The forms will curve to match the shape of the tower.
And we can say good-bye to a good spot to peek inside.
I can't explain why putting decking on the beams makes the tabernacle look larger, but it does.  And notice all the ladders inside.  Ladders mean lots of climbing.
There were ladders everywhere I looked today.
Sparks indicate welding on the decking above.
Sometimes they use scaffolding when the ladders are tired.
His days of roosting here are numbered; we just don't know the number yet.
It's always worth my time to stop at the south gate.
I took a quick picture at the lift station in the southwest corner.  
A ladder was waiting for me at my favorite peeking spot on the west side.
I watched the black crane pick up a form.  It was quite windy by this time, and the form spun around and around.
The form was moved into place along the north wall behind the mechanical tunnel.
Part of the barriers on this side are disappearing with the Nu Skin project finishing.
The roundabout at the intersection of First West and First South is almost complete.
In the meantime, we are enjoying the views.

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dSquared said...

Maybe the 'ladders are tired' of being climbed on.