Monday, September 23, 2013

Fortunately The Ladders Escaped!

These red ladders were a little concerned about the depth of the gravel being poured this afternoon.
But, no worries.  They found an easy escape route in an opening in the west wall.
A solitary front-end loader worked hard spreading the gravel.
Mr. Crane brought in another to help out.
Work on the pluming in the annex for the men and women's dressing rooms continues.
This truck was taking gravel to the upper north lot so it could be spread in the annex.
After escaping from the annex into the mechanical tunnel, the ladders were immediately put to work on the west side.  The plans show that the brides' room will be on the other side of this wall.  A skylight with art glass will bring light into that room.  The openings in the wall are vents for heating and cooling.
The concrete forms had hidden this escape route before today.  The blue ladder stands at the south end of the opening, and if you let your eyes adjust, you'll see the north end of the opening.
The plans don't show an egress here.  I'll keep watching.
Beams have been installed on the south side for the second level floor.
Decking has already been placed on the north side beams.
There are two things to notice in this picture.  The first is the netting in the back of the tabernacle, and the second is the workmen on the right.
The plans show a grand staircase from lower level 1 through the ground level to the upper level.  The netting protects workmen in the lower levels from being bonked on the head by careless ladders.
The workmen are continuing to add cinder blocks for the north side elevator.
My eyes could see that a slab has been poured on lower level 1, but my camera had trouble getting a picture.  These men are standing on the top of the foundation under the northeast tower.  Notice the slab on lower level 1 behind them.
My camera was able to focus on the slab through one of the former beam holes in the east wall.
You are seeing green rebar in the west lot.
The opening in the center of the picture is where my camera aimed.
I finally got a good picture through the opening under the southeast tower.  We can still see exposed rebar on the east side.  I'm guessing the slab around the baptismal font is getting special treatment.  I won't be able to peer through this opening much longer.
The forms for the tower foundation are being built between the piers.  Once the foundations are completed, the I-beams and vertical piers under the two east towers will be cut away.
The west lot looks ready for a pour.
We'd be able to watch that pour via the cam, but as we all know, it's been down for more than a week.  I asked some questions and was told that the vendor has been notified. 
One more thing:  there will be a fireside on the tabernacle construction this coming Sunday night in Springville.  I'll put the details in the comment section below.  
But I'll be there and will take notes if you can't make it.


Julie said...

The fireside will be Sunday the 29th at 7 pm at the LDS Chapel south of Brookside Elementary in Springville. The school is at 750 East 400 South. The chapel is on Averett Drive behind the school. I had trouble with google maps and my gps pulling up the chapel's address, which is 555 South 500 East, but remember that the chapel is on Averett Drive.

Joshua Butler said...

You occasionally mention what the plans show, as in this post. Are they accessible via Provo City? If you have them, could you email them to me? I've been able to access the exterior plans from the city's website but I'd love to see the floor plan. Also, I love your blog! Thanks for all the great photos! They're especially appreciated when the webcam is out.

Julie said...

I had to fill out a GRAMA request form and make an appointment with the city to see the plans. There are about 3000 pages. I was allowed to make notes but not take pictures. If you are really interested, this was an awesome experience. Otherwise, I have tried to post links to some of the online plans on the right-hand side of my blog. The Daily Herald, which I have linked to, published some of the plans. And yes, everyone is hoping the webcam is fixed soon! Thanks.

Jim Nelson said...

The fireside will be 7:30 not 7:00.

Julie said...

Jim, how sure are you about this?