Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grand Canyon

Trucks were lined up across the lot to receive dirt from Mr. Track Hoe today.
It's starting to look less like a temple site and more like the Grand Canyon.
Another track hoe worked again today in the west lot in this same spot.
A grout machine worked in the south lot reinforcing the east wall.  I've seen his work before in March when he worked along the north barrier.
He's been busy.
I'm interested in what he'll do when he gets to the old brick wall along the south end of the lot.
Spider work progresses in the basement.
Thankfully, the construction cam is working again, so I hope to know when they'll be ready for the next slab.
The north lot is getting the same treatment as the basement did before the last pour.  A membrane will be the next step, and the materials are there, waiting. 
I am totally mystified by the ongoing box-building in the upper north lot.  
Sometimes if I stand and watch for awhile, I can figure things out, but this has been going on for weeks, and I haven't a clue.
There are more of these stored in the shade.
And all the ladders are in hiding.


woodbutcher said...

I believe that the boxes being built on the upper north area may eventually be stood on end on the finished basement floor of the Temple. They would then have a square rebar configuration inserted and filled with concrete, forming pillars throughout the building. These pillars would then support the next floor of the Temple, if my supposition is correct. This procedure would then be repeated with the remaining floors of the Temple. It will be interesting to see if my theory is correct. PS: May I thank whoever is posting all of the delightful and informative pictures. They fill in nicely those areas that are not visible from the construction cam, when it works.

Linda Manning said...

You are correct. the boxes are concrete column forms, and rebar cages will be placed inside. The 3-inch slab is called a seal slab, and on top of it a waterproofing membrane is placed. Then the actual floor slab is poured on top of that. The seal slab and membrane prevent water from "sweating" onto the finished floor.