Monday, May 6, 2013

Construction Site Expands

I'm being squeezed out of my favorite watching spot on the west side.
But the good news is this is happening to enlarge the construction site.  This picture was taken from University Avenue.  These three men are working at what used to be First South.  The fence in the center of the photo used to be my boundary, but that was coming down today.  Workmen were installing a new boundary to the left of the red barriers, on top of the concrete jersey walls.
Here is a view from the west.  The area between the fences is what is being added to the construction site.  Notice the red jersey wall behind the I-beams.
It's there for a reason.
If you look closely, you can see the metal fence on top of the jersey wall.  I strongly suspect that it will get covered with the green construction fabric, and my view will be blocked.
But my new best friend offered to help me out.
This is the current view of west side entrance.  The post office is to the right of the track hoe.
The membrane is still being installed in the basement.  You can see the new south slab in this photo, taken from the east.
The new west slab can be seen in this photo.  The different levels of the basement have been designed to keep the water table under control.
This is the east end of the basement.  The southeast section was being covered this morning.
I haven't posted a picture of the east side for awhile.  Since my western vantage point is disappearing, this might be the last time any of us see it.
The north lot was boring and dry, with its former staircase back in place.  Notice the green construction barrier along the top left side of this picture.  That barrier is between the tabernacle construction site and the Nu Skin building.
This is a view of that spot from the west.  I wondered today if at some point in the future it might be an open passageway.
The south lot is still disappearing.  Trucks galore were keeping Daddy Track Hoe very busy.  Baby Track Hoe was throwing dirt out of his sand pile along the east wall.
The drilling machine was at work in the west lot right at the passageway.  Notice the pile of mud he always drills up.
I watched him work from the west side and saw that the canal on the west of the slurry curtain, under the vertical I-beams, (or wide flange columns, as they are correctly called,) has been filled in.  I have to assume the water table in that area is also under control.  Notice the white pipes in the center of the picture.
With the help of the drilling machine, a 30-foot pipe was placed in the hole, but it kept bobbing up.
The drilling machine finally used one of his fingers to keep the pipe in place.
And the front end loader solved the problem with some gravel.

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