Thursday, February 21, 2013

Work Securing the Piers Continues

Snow today didn't slow down work on the basement.
It looks like I might have peeked in on a little prayer meeting, probably not the first.  Work on the braces continues all the way around.
Work on the slurry curtains along the retaining walls is ongoing in the north lot.  The red and white drilling machine was working along the west wall.  The trench in the center of the picture is taking slurry run-off from the machine to the pools.
This view of the north face shows a cement truck near the red and white silo, part of which can  be seen on the right side of this photo.  Construction of support buildings progresses in that area.  It wasn't very interesting to watch since most of it is happening under tarps, but I was also not very willing to stand around and figure things out in 30 degree weather.
There seemed to be plenty of machines working away in the basement.  Since I'd seen Mr. Track Hoe remove the ramp on Tuesday, I wondered how they got in. 
This new ramp is still on the south side, but its incline is less steep.  Can't have baby track hoe going in head first...
Although hard hats can go in on heads, I suppose.


Dave Cannon said...

Wow, those photos are just amazing. I can't believe the amount of work going into holding this building together. Once they're done and they've buried the pilings, people will have no idea it isn't just another brick building. Magnificent piece of work here.

David said...

Thank you so much for making and updating this blog. I check it everyday as I live in Texas and can't go by and see the progress. This is a great labor of love! Keep it up!

Tamie said...

Interesting following your posts! Thanks from Alberta, Canada!