Saturday, February 9, 2013

Digging To China

Did your grandfather ever tell you that if you dug deep enough in his backyard, you could dig to China?  No?  Maybe you were better behaved than I was.  But that's what I thought of when I saw the hole under the tabernacle today.   My grandfather was born 10 years before this tabernacle was dedicated, and he grew up to be a civil engineer.  I wish I could have chatted with him as I watched the work, especially the digging on the west side.
It's been a winter with a lot of snow and the water table is gushing.  The blue hose on the left is to drain this new pond.  Notice the red ladder in the center of this photograph, high and dry.
It was 32 degrees at the site this morning.  Workmen were walking through the water, placing hoses and staying busy.  I bet they will be thrilled for spring to come.
These two little track hoes worked on the northwest corner.  Baby Brother carefully excavated the dirt from between the piers, moving it within reach of Teenage Brother, who moved it closer to the center of the basement.
Ultimately the excavated dirt makes its way outside where Daddy Track Hoe and his friend Mr. Dump Truck remove it from the site. 
A test hole has been dug on the southeast corner, and it is filled with water.
This cable running into the tabernacle on the east side is likely an electrical line to run the pumps.
The rocket on the north lot is being installed.  I wonder if they noticed it's upside down.
Several pods have been placed, and the north lot is being turned into a facility to support the red rocket.
This structure east of the rocket is actually three pods around a new building.
I googled the words on the rocket.  Perhaps you have noticed that the tabernacle is in need of some serious foundation work, and it appears help is on the way. 
However, all winter a yellow rocket has been sitting quietly on the south lot.
Today I took a closer look.
This company  builds portable cement silos.  It looks like there's a solid plan for the foundation. 
I hope everyone knows what they are doing.

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