Sunday, January 31, 2016

Beautiful Gates

Beautiful Zion, built above;
Beautiful city that I love;
Beautiful gates of pearly white;
Beautiful temple--God its light;
He who was slain on Calvary
Opens those pearly gates to me.
Beautiful heaven, where all is light;
Beautiful angels clothed in white;
Beautiful strains that never tire;
Beautiful harps thru all the choir;
There shall I join the chorus sweet,
Worshiping at the Savior's feet.
Beautiful crowns on ev'ry brow;
Beautiful palms the conquerors show;
Beautiful robes the ransomed wear;
Beautiful all who enter there;
Thither I press with eager feet;
There shall my rest be long and sweet.
Zion, Zion,
 Lovely Zion;
Beautiful Zion;
Zion, city of our God!


Melinda A said...

What beautiful pictures, with the words to Beautiful Zion. I found the line "Beautiful harps thru all the choir" especially fitting.

A close friend recently told me of a friend of hers who plays the harp. She had a beautiful harp that was custom made for her. The sentimental value of the harp far outweighed its $40,000 value. She often received requests to borrow the harp for events. However, the sentimental value was so great, she didn't dare loan it to anyone.

A friend requested her to loan the harp for a special event. She declined. After several requests and conversations about it, she relented and loaned the harp for the event, which was to be December 17, 2010. Of course, it burned in the Tabernacle fire that morning.

Julie said...

My heart aches. All this time I have been sad about the piano that burned.

TempleRick said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You're such a blessing to us, Julie. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you've made to keep us informed on the progress of the temple in such a fun, clever, and beautiful way. You're amazing! We're just a month away now from dedication. :)

Julie said...

Thanks for your kind words. One month, 3 days, but who's counting?