Saturday, December 26, 2015

To This End

I stand all amazed
at the love Jesus offers me.
Confused at the grace

That so fully he proffers me.

I tremble to know that for me he was crucified.
That for me, a sinner,
 He suffered, he bled, and died.
Oh, it is wonderful
that he should care for me, 
enough to die for me.
Oh, it is wonderful,
Wonderful to me.


JayBingham said...

All I can say is gorgeous!

David and Mary Lou said...

Merry Christmas, Julie!

Kristin Wilson said...

Stunning! Thank you . . .

utahmamalatina said...

This is so beautiful I love how you incorporated the music in the pictures

John Gallacher said...

Thank you for your monumental efforts in creating and maintaining this blog. I have followed your posts almost from the beginning and have thus developed a deep love and admiration for this holy edifice. Can't wait to see and experience the interior next month!

My6littlemen said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My son and I loved singing the song as we looked at the pictures this morning.