Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

The fountain is more beautiful at night than it is during the day.
A press conference was held yesterday.  Photographers from news outlets were allowed to take pictures on the grounds.
While there have been no public tours of the temple, word is spreading about the interior.
The interior is very Victorian, with velvet furniture, period lamps and lighting fixtures.
Murals on the walls of the two ground floor instruction rooms depict scenes in Utah County.
Spiral staircases in the towers lead to the second level. 
The instruction rooms are on this east side.  A third room is on the second level.
The celestial room is on the second level under the steeple.
Perhaps the celestial room is not as large as what might be found in other temples.
However, I have been told that the chandelier in the celestial room could hold a visitor's attention for hours.
A grand staircase on the west reaches between three floors, from lower level 1 to the upper level.
The staircase rises in the same area where the podium was in the tabernacle.  The wood trim is reminiscent of the former interior.
This south entrance is in a line with a vestibule, a recommend desk, and then the chapel on the north.
Stairs lead from the pavilion down to the garage.  The temple can be entered from that lower level.
The baptistery is on the level below the east tower doors.
The font is covered with granite, although there is a lot of marble in the temple.
The oxen appear to be made of solid bronze, but they are actually just covered with a beautiful finish.
Three large sealing rooms are on the second level.  The temple president's office is on this west side.
The pavilion is stunning during the day.  It's over-the-top at night.
I peeked inside, of course.
This was unexpected, but then again, I saw workmen leaving long after I arrived.
Everyone knows there is a deadline.
I'm pretty sure the guy casting the statue for the north garden is aware of the deadline, too.
My walk tonight was beautiful from any angle.
I saw perfection in every direction.
I'm going on the record to say this is my new favorite view.


Esperanza said...

I love the font on the exit sign in the pavilion.

Julie said...

I noticed that, too. I've made a mental note to try to get a better picture next time.