Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Transoms, New Light Posts, New Flowers

I saw many beautiful things at the temple site this morning.
There are new flowers.
Lots of new flowers.
The new finial on the pavilion is lovely.
Lamp posts have been placed at some of the doorways.  This is the entrance to the southwest tower.
My camera did his best to peek in.
I am told there is a lot of marble in this temple.
It looked like the mason's shop is vacating the premises.
Trees have now found their way to the south lot where the new fence was recently painted.
Trees beat the painting to the west side, but painters were catching up there.
Trees are everywhere.
I was interested in the progress of the new walk along University Avenue.
The walk will meet a large circle at Second South.
Another circle is already at Center Street.
Lamp posts now line the street.
Grass fills the strip between First South and Center Street.
Trees add a lot of beauty to the temple grounds.
The sod stops here.
The intersection of University Avenue and First South is behind me.
I was delighted to see a new art glass transom above the southeast tower entrance.
Yes, there is more marble inside.
I did not see a new transom above the east entrance.
However, there is indeed a new transom above the northeast tower entrance.
The morning sun was perfect to view this. 
Beautiful new lamp posts grace the north emergency exit.
All the trees interfere with my camera, but I am not complaining.
Masons are placing quartzitic sandstone on the stairs.
The new beehives and the new Victorian planter were almost lost in all the action this morning. 
One new lamp post has been installed at the northwest tower entrance.  This is visible from the construction camera.
New benches are in place.
I saw two trash cans.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the planter.  It has a twin in the south lot, but it was blocked by new trees.
I tried to see if the south entrance has lamp posts, but new flowers made this a little tricky.
My vote is yes.
Gardeners worked everywhere.
Everyone worked everywhere.


Jacob F said...

Great last shot!

Easy_Going_Dad said...

The new lamp posts are cute. They're like a little brother version of the big lamp posts. I also like how their outside glass isn't frosted so you can see the glass shades on the inside.