Monday, August 17, 2015

Another New Art Glass Transom

I paid an visit to the temple tonight.
A new art glass transom has been installed above the east doors.
I arrived just after sunset.  This is the only place where I can see the south entrance.
Most of the art glass for the temple was patterned after the glass which was in the tabernacle, but this beautiful transom over the south entrance is unique.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the pavilion.
There were many visitors tonight, which was fun to see.
My camera caught the art glass from the southwest tower just inside the doorway.
As the sun sets, the exterior lighting comes on.
I love seeing the temple at night.
The windows are still a marvel.
The interior art glass we are seeing is associated with a chapel wall behind this north doorway.
Notice that the tower windows are backlit.
The tabernacle did not have lights in the upper towers. A trap door separated this section from the stairwell below.
Before the tower roofs were placed, a white beam, barely seen in this photo from 2014, was installed.  This beam will hold a chandelier which will light the entire tower.
All four tower stairwells will be functional in the temple.
A beautiful gate has replaced a construction gate on the west side.
This new hibiscus is planted just a few steps outside the gate.
Moroni looks wonderful at any hour.
So does the temple.


Rob said...

Really, really beautiful! Thank you, Julie, for the dedication you give to recording the inspiring transformation of this special building. I have talked to many, many people (from all over) that are very thankful for the pictures, and the thoughts you share.

Julie said...

Thanks for your kind words. I had fun last night. I'm hopeful that when that south parking lot is cleared off, I can get a straight shot of the Holiness window.

SB Mitchell said...

These beautiful updates are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!