Thursday, May 7, 2015

Little Visitor, Beautiful Day

I had a little company with me at the site this morning.
Mr. Engineer-Husband and Little Grandson were fascinated with this machine racing around.
I am still fascinated with this.
Progress is the going word near the south entrance.
There are now forms along some of the ramps.
Other walks are being prepared for ice melt tubing.
Some of the walks near the fountain were poured this morning.
Concrete and heat tubing. The latest.
The walks allow the stair-averse easy access.
Heat tubing is visible here, too.
Walks are an integral part of the temple grounds. 
The mountains are not extraneous, however.
They might actually be essential.
My camera found more fence segments this morning.
I think they will go here.
There are new posts on the grounds south of the temple.
A lot of posts.
The posts will ultimately go all the way south to the above-ground parking lot.
Men worked on the posts this morning.
Maybe they were warming them up after yesterday's storm.
Magicians, I mean masons, are still repairing the brick on the east side.
The stairs are still a work in progress.
Men worked on top of the pavilion this morning.
They were installing white trim over the gray water-proofing barrier.
Similar trim will surround the fascia.
Our friend Brian Olson has illustrated what this will look like.
Masons worked on the east side temple monument.
Others worked on the west side.  These monuments will identify the building as a temple to those who might not know of its transformation.
No signs are necessary for the fountain.
Our recent rain was evident along the east side.
Landscaping will soon cover the geofoam.
One year ago, we weren't thinking too much about landscaping.
When I got all the way to Second South, I found Little Grandson looking for rocks.  To eat.
As for me, I'm starting to look for sod on the the north side. To admire.
Not that sod can compete with stained glass windows.
Or peonies.
And Little Grandson said hello to Etienne Provost,


JayBingham said...

You may want to check a botany book or ask a local horticulturist about the flowers you identified as 'roses'.
They look like peonies to me.

Julie Markham said...

Thanks, Jay. I'll edit that post now. The truth was, by that time the baby was soaking wet after playing in Nu Skin's fountains and I was hurrying.

Katshrnk said...

Little grandson having a great time 😃 The pics are great as usual! I like the pavilion.