Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visit At Sunset

The tabernacle was a busy place tonight.
Jacobsen crews were cutting away diagonal braces on the east side.
They worked until after midnight last night and removed several piers.
One of these days my camera is going to peek into the basement and not see piers.  I happened to catch one of the diagonal piers inside the basement.  This is called a batter pier, and there were 8 of them.  I don't know why I'm telling you this, because they will all be gone soon.
One of the next things we'll see is the north lot connecting to the tabernacle.
Mr. Drill Rig dug tension piles last week.  Those piles, plus the micropiles inside the piers which are now being cut away, will be part of the support for the north slab.  Notice the horizontal stripe along the foundation where the north slab will connect to the tabernacle.
Mr. Dashing Track Hoe worked late tonight digging a trench.
The orange box supports the trench walls.  A vast network of pipes is part of the drainage system.
Perspective is off in this picture, but that trench extends the length of the west lot.
I'm watching the work on the two west tower foundations.  Forms on the southwest tower have been built for the concrete which will support the octagonal tower on its square foundation.  
A concrete base for the northwest tower was poured last night.
If you are keeping tabs on the construction cam, you know that a new south entrance was built today.
Everyone is happy with the progress.


David said...

It looks to me like they are prepping for the connection between the north slab and main structure.

You know, I honestly hadn't given any thought to what will happen AFTER the piers are cut away! That always seemed like the climax we were all waiting for!

Julie said...

There will be life after the piers! Yes -- I have been watching the north lot today and am wondering what's coming next.