Monday, September 14, 2015

Lifting In The Rain

Our good friend David Dorff took some pictures for us this afternoon.
You are seeing the railings for the steeple deck.
The components were loaded into a bin--
And lifted up by a visiting crane.
The bin made several trips.
You are wondering where I was.
I was home watching the rain, not the cam.
Fortunately, David stepped inside the courthouse during the worst of it.
David did not have an umbrella, but he did have his cell phone.
Who unloaded the bin?
These men on the steeple deck.
We can watch this assembly from the cam, although there is more rain in the forecast.
David, thanks!


David said...

Wahoo! I was wondering when that would happen!

Julie Markham said...

More pictures are in the process of going up. Hang on!