Saturday, November 22, 2014

Windows in Stealth Mode

Lee Cowan visited the site yesterday and captured these two windows which had been placed on the south side.  He hoped to see more, but no luck.
Joe Prows visited the site today, in the rain, with his wife's camera, and saw the windows.
He said it appears to be a long process, with a lot of attention to detail.
He watched them work on an opening along the east side. 
The wooden jambs were prepared and then covered with what he guessed was an aluminum surface.
Several blog readers have alerted me to masons working on the north planter.  This picture is from today's construction cam.
Joe captured this picture of the masons at work.
He thoughtfully included a picture of the sandstone.
Joe also took this photo of the newly exposed steeple base.  The scaffolding prevented some of the panels from being installed.
The jumbled north lot is now looking like it's ready for bulbs. 
But we're not waiting for flowers.  We're waiting for windows.


Jacob Wood said...

It looks like during window installation there is a brief 'window' of time where the plastic is down and we can see inside. I can see what looks like drywall with some kind of access hole cut into it.

Julie said...

It's nice to confirm drywall on the inside!