Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corbels, Halos, And Other Details

Downtown is glorious as the seasons change.
Blog readers have shown concern for my vocabulary.
Ahem.These are mounting brackets at the west gable.
These are the corbels which will be mounted on the brackets.  Right now we are watching these two guys patiently wait on the scaffolding below.
Corbels are mounted at the south gable, but no gablet yet.
I walked under the corbels on the east side, not sure if it would be necessary to cross University Avenue to confirm there wasn't a gablet there, either.
Then I realized that the gablet can't go up until the slate is finished.  The slate can't cover the flashing until the copper crown is placed.
For the record, I'd be holding on, too.
The gablet is still looking comfortable at the north gable.  Notice the steeple base all covered in white trim.
There is now a halo on the steeple.
When the tower and base are painted, the scaffolding can come down. Then the men can finish the slate.
I saw a lot of progress on the south side.  The watercourse, for one.
The fountain, for another.  Geofoam has about got it surrounded.
And where will ground level ultimately be?  About here.
Notice the formwork for a new planter between the stairwell and the fountain.
He has a twin on the other side of the lot.
Forms for stairs inside are being built.
This is gravel.
This guy is in charge of it.
He was working harder than anyone else today, moving gravel all over the lot, one load at a time.
With no attempt at lolly-gagging, either.
The pavilion finally reached the top of the list for water-proofing.
Stonehenge has moved to the south lot.
Meanwhile, the geofoam on the west lot is covered in black, just in time for Halloween.
Yuki Dorff took this beautiful picture of the west lot a few days ago.
Real, actual dirt is slowly turning this area into garden beds.
In another month or two, real, actual snow will turn this picture into winter.


Judy said...

I'm a member of the Provo South Stake and yesterday (10/19) in church a letter from the Stake Presidency was read. The letter said that the information booth at the temple construction site would be going into storage so that yesterday was the last day to man the booth. This is due to the needs of the construction. The letter also said that windows would soon be installed in the temple.

Julie said...

Thanks for this information!