Wednesday, November 13, 2013


The concrete pour for the annex roof began about 1 a.m.  I arrived just before sunrise.
The cold morning made for a little steam.  One man holds the nozzle while another carries an electric mixer which vibrates the bubbles out of the concrete.
It was important that this pour happen at one time, versus pouring in sections.  The cement trucks were staged to keep the pump busy.
The cement truck on the left is stopped at the light at University Avenue after leaving the north lot.  A second truck is entering the lot from Center Street while a third is in place at the concrete pump.
Reminiscent of watching a 3-act play, cement trucks were staged all over the block.  This truck is waiting for a call to move north.
You are looking at the intersection of University Avenue and Center Street.  The truck on the right has just left the south lot staging area and is heading north to circle around.  The truck on the left is has turned right from Center after leaving the north lot, his concrete now part of the annex roof.
The north gable is rising.
Lights from the pour made this area easy to see this morning.
As the sun lightened the sky, I could see it even better.  You can watch this grow from the construction cam, but you can't see our beautiful mountains from that view.
The plywood in the windows is part of the preparation for winter.  Something which will let in light but keep out cold will fill in the blanks.
My camera has an easier time focusing on the interior when it's dark outside.  
My camera spied this view through one of the former pier openings on the east side.  You are seeing the catwalk which is suspended between the ground level and the first level of the basement.  The southeast tower foundation is on the left of the photo.
The newels in the east towers now stand very straight.  This is the southeast tower stair column.
This is the northeast newel.  I'm very excited about these being placed.
In another development, beams for the roof structure have been added.  I counted six attached to the south wall while I stood near the south entrance.
The sun colored the clouds as I arrived at the west side.  By then Mr. Crane was awake and on the job, lifting over another beam.
These men, secured with their safety cables, are preparing to attach it to the dark vertical beam.
We can see this from the cam, and that's fortunate, because it's changing rapidly.
I captured this view from the cam at 9 am.  The monopour is almost complete.  If you want to see the state this area was in during January, here's a link.  Please notice the concrete pump in the south lot, in addition to the pump pouring the annex roof.
The gravel area to the right of the hole for the pavilion elevator base is where the pump is pouring.
With no one on the Nu Skin grounds this morning, I felt sure I could reach over their construction fence.  You are seeing the west side of the mechanical tunnel.
The opening on the right will have louvers.  The area on the left is the generator room.
With interior lights visible in the morning hours, I could easily envision the completed temple.
I want to again mention the fireside this coming Sunday to be held at 7 pm in the Provo Sharon East Stake Center at 2450 North 1060 East, one block north of the Provo Temple.  Also, if you are not having good luck with the email subscription gadget on the right, you are welcome to email me at newtempleinprovo, followed by, and ask to be placed on my update list.


David said...

Is this the only pour, or will this section be like the others with multiple layers of concrete? Great pictures!

Julie Markham said...

That's a good question. No one has said anything to me about another pour. I think it's done. Let's see if I'm right.

Esperanza said...

I would expect them to water proof this.

Julie Markham said...

Good point. Let me see what I can learn.

Terra S said...

You have a picture indicating the gravel area to the right of the hole being poured. What is the hole and surrounding area for? The formed cement with hole?

Julie Markham said...

The hole is the base for the elevator for the pavilion area. The next time I'm at the site I'll pay close attention to this.