Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where Is It?

At the top of my list of things to do at the construction site today was to find the sections of the spiral column I saw last week.  I had a clear view inside the northeast tower, but there was nothing inside.  However, the tower foundation has been completely poured.
A lot of the material from the upper north lot has been moved inside.  I was hoping I'd find those column sections inside, too.
I forced myself to be patient while taking pictures of the rest of the site.  Almost all the concrete columns have been poured in the annex, and new walls in the west lot are easily visible.
I hoped these guys, who had a better view inside the towers that I did, would offer some help, but they stayed pretty quiet.
I looked inside the east openings and immediately saw new stairs.  Not the spiral column I was hoping to see, but I didn't expect it to be here, anyway. I asked my engineer-husband about the floating table.  He says it's a high voltage transformer for welding, and it's been strung up to be out of the way.
These stairs will be part of the grand staircase.
I can't see over the construction fence very well, so I dragged my yellow ladder to various spots along University Avenue in hopes of getting a better view inside.  Still no spiral column.
The southeast tower received another pour today.  
There was definitely not a spiral column in there.
I moved north along University Avenue to peek in, but Mr. Red Ladder blocked my view.
The construction gates were open on Center Street.  I could see one spiral column lying on the ground, but there were at least two sections here last week.
My camera zoomed in every window but only managed to catch the crane at work.
And still no word from my helpers.
Before heading over to the post office lot, I studied the new porch by the southwest tower.  A layer of concrete was poured there yesterday.  It's got the familiar opening for a drainage sump.
Second South has been blocked off in various places for several months to put in a larger storm water system.  Mr. Dashing Track Hoe and his buddy were tearing up the street.
We have seen these concrete shapes before.
I took a look at the lift station in the southwest corner and saw that these steel boxes had been moved here.  There are a lot of these all over the site and I have no idea what they are for.
There were several onlookers at the post office lot.  One borrowed my ladder while I peeked through the fence.  The west lot has turned into a storage facility.
My camera peeked in a few more windows.
The Nu Skin construction is coming to an end except for that one last building.  On the far left is the new above-ground parking garage.  The fence at the end of First West currently keeps traffic from circling the roundabout until the entrance is finished.  Beneath this entire area is a vast underground parking garage which extends from the circle to Second West.
The west lot of the tabernacle is now divided in half.  Here is the east side of the west lot.
There is now a west side of the west lot.
It was a beautiful day.
While I was on the west side, the workmen left for the day and the concrete pump began to coil up so he could go home, too.
But my camera was still peeking in.  We spied another portion of the grand staircase on lower level 1 through the opening nearest the red ladder, not the entrance.  You are seeing through the annex level to the temporary staircase visible in the first picture on this post.  The concrete pillar in view is part of the foundation.  It's not one of the pillars being formed outside the tabernacle footprint.
My camera looked in the southwest tower, and while we didn't see a spiral column, we did see part of the grand staircase on the ground level.  You can see the decking going in on this level, too.
Because of the construction fence, I was having a hard time looking in the last tower, the northwest tower on the left.
But finally, I found an opening and got my camera though.  And there it is!  The tabs coming out from the column will connect to the stair treads.  If you are interested in spiral staircases in other temples, here is a link you will enjoy.

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David said...

You have become quite the story teller, Julie! I was on the edge of my seat until the last pick!! Well done! I hope they keep the windows open so we can see the progress....