Monday, September 10, 2012

Gutting the Inside

Each time I visit the construction site I see things I haven't observed before.
This appears to be a support structure for the roof.  It shows up in earlier pictures.
I just haven't noticed it.
This is a close-up.  I can't decide if it is cinder block or brick.
A close-up from the southeast.
This is a close-up of wood braces on the east wall.
My father was a civil engineer.
Why didn't I inherit some of his structural understanding so I'd know what I'm seeing?
As the crews continue to gut the structure, I am better able to see inside.
This is the north east tower, looking from the north (the street).
The same bricks from the roof support appear to have been used throughout the tabernacle.
This is a view of the north wall.  I hadn't noticed how thick the exterior walls were before today.
I've heard of bloggers feeling a need for a camera with a better zoom.  I'm there.
This worker would have a good view of the city, but he seems to be intent on what he's doing.
This is the southeast tower, looking from the south.
The sky was overcast this morning at 8, but this is a pretty good peek inside.
I could watch the crane for hours.

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